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1963 GMC "Jimmy"

The 1963 GMC was purchased from McDowell Brothers in Fletcher, Ohio and the truck built by Central Fire Truck Co., St. Louis, Mo. for a total price of $15,000. The “Jimmy” featured a 750 gallon per minute front mount pump and  a 1,200 gallon booster tank. The truck had seating for 2 and was equipped with 2 1” booster reels, 2 SCBA’s, 500’ of 2 ½” hose, 400’ of 1 ½” hose, 3 10’ sections of 2 ½” suction hose, 3000 gallon dump-and-go tank, 36’ aluminum extension ladder and a 14’ roof ladder. This truck was purchased new in 1963 and gave our department its second pumper, thus became Car 2, later known as Engine 2, and was in service until 1992. This truck was the primary pumper on all runs until 1976, then became the second out engine on our fires and the primary engine on all mutual aid runs along with the tanker. It also responded on all grass fire with its pump and roll capabilities and when we began responding an engine on all accidents in the mid 80’s. Some of the major fires this truck responded to were the Lena Elevator, Uhlman’s in Troy, St. Paris Elevator, Caven’s Meats in Conover, Murphy Lumber in Urbana, Honey Creek Baptist Church, Graham South Elementary School, Myrtle Tree Baptist Church, and several other fires on mutual aid runs, it hauled many, many gallons of water. This truck was purchased in 1992 by one of our own members, Kurt Weddington, who owned until 1998. It was then sold to a father and son in Michigan.


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