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In 2003 the department purchased a 2003 Ford 4 wheel drive chassis for $ 29,965 from Springfield Ford and began a 2 year project of designing and building a new grass truck. The bed was built by EBY Beds in West Jefferson, Ohio, the 305 gallons of water and 12 gallons of foam tank and elevated platform was built by UPF Poly Tank and the pump is a 200 gallon per minute Honda pump with an electric start. The total cost for the truck was $67,372. Some of the additional fabrication work was done by Summer Brothers in Springfield. The assembly, plumbing and electrical work was all done by the members of the department. This truck features the ability to secure 2 firefighters in the walkway behind the cab, 2-6 hose in the walkway, 150 of 1 booster hose, 150 of 1 preconnect, 2 rear suction and a 2 discharge, 2 electric spray nozzles on the front grill that are controlled from the cab, 4 telescoping light, and storage capabilities for 3 sections of 8 2 suction hose, fire brooms, grass beaters, pitch fork, pike pole and drywall hook. This truck is also equipped with headsets so all firefighters on top of the truck or driving can communicate effectively at all times. This truck was designed and built by our members and put in service in August 2005 to replace the 1977 Ford grass Truck and became known as Grass #1.



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