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1923 Prospect Hand Drawn Chemical Cart


It has two 75 gallon tanks, one tank can be used while refilling the other tank.  The tanks are charged and pressurized by mixing soda and acid to water.  In each tank the soda is added to the water and the acid is held in a lead bottle.  The lead bottle has lead caps that just set on the bottles.  A crank on the end of the tank is used to invert the bottle and the cap opens letting the acid into the soda water.  These cranks are also fasten to a mixing bar in the tank.  By moving the crank it speeds up the chemical reaction to create pressure to force the water out of the tanks.


1976 Bicentennial Parade at the corner of North Monroe Street and East Second Street in Christiansburg. July 4th 1976.

Picture taken in front of the Fire House at the 1970 Fire Prevention Parade.  This prior to the exhaustive restoration by the members of the fire company.  Shown in the photo is Harold Zerkle.


More information on the chemical cart can be found here.


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